Two Door Cinema Club Tour 2021

Two Door Cinema Club Tour 2021: Seeing Two Door Cinema Club live reminded me of waking up on a crisp Friday evening and being pleasantly surprised that it was Christmas Eve. The show had me giddy and bouncing on the balls of my feet, dancing with a child’s excitement about what was happening in front of me, what was happening to me.

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Two door cinema club was unbelievable. They were so exciting and I never knew what was going to happen next. The crowd was so rowdy and perfect for the concert. The venue made it comfortable and was clean. I was standing only 10 feet away from the lead singer. We went for my birthday and it was the best present. I knew every word to the songs. This made the experience even more special. The lighting was so great. Even a bit over the top. I was expecting low lights with a chill crowd. But what I got was a brilliant crowd with lights everywhere and screaming at the top of our lungs. Sure we were in so much pain from our feet and sweat was everywhere, but we did not care at all. The music was so good and it was like the best concert. The stage was almost gonna explode and it was so thrilling. When I got home I was so tired I just crashed. The ride home was so tiring too. I fell asleep a few times on my friends. We were so happy to be there when we could see our favorite band. The band was very into it and they loved the crowd. They kept talking to us and played every song perfectly. Nobody could get over the bright lights. It was almost like we were in a rave or house concert. I wish I could go back there everyday to hear the sound of Two Door Cinema Club. The music was very upbeat and inviting. The lyrics work so well with what is going on and the lyrics are relevant to events that occur to most people. The drums were ringing in my ears through tout the entire night and on to the next day. The one guitarist was really cute. He kept looking toward us and pointed at us. I swear he was pointing right at my friends and I. The night was so memorable and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who likes alternative or indie type music. They are somewhere in that genre. Not really sure where else they would go. The concert last November was probably the most memorable concert ever because it was on. Friday night in the city with 2 of my friends. It was just us and Two Door Cinema Club. The best part of it was that we didn’t know the 2 opening acts and that they were good. I learned new music, got to hang with friends, spend the night listening to the most popular band on my iPod, and letting go. This was one of the nights of my life. Two Door Cinema Club was perfect for me. They helped me get up from stages in my life that I thought I would never get out of. Their music is calming, cool, fast, slow, different, and just their own special sound. It is highly likely I would see them again and have an even better time knowing what I know now. The concert was perfection.

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