Trevor Noah Tour 2021

Trevor Noah Tour 2021: the hyper-talented, hyper-funny host of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah — is launching a big new comedy tour in 2019, one that he’s bringing to venues across the country!  While Trevor is probably best known for his political humor on the iconic Comedy Central “news” program, his specials find the intersection of politics with his own personal experience, and have made him one of the most popular and unique voices in modern standup.  Want to hear his latest hysterical material, live at a theater near you?  Then check out the Trevor Noah Tour schedule below to learn more about upcoming dates, and get your tickets right away!

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Trevor Noah on Tour

Although most Americans became aware of Trevor Noah following his takeover of ‘The Daily Show’ from Jon Stewart in 2015, the South African actor/comedian had already been a major international force in comedy for years. Nowadays whenever he sets his hosting duties aside and takes to the stage, as on his 2019 Loud & Clear tour, one immediately recognizes Noah’s well-honed comedy chops. Maintaining the same cool, classy veneer he displays on TV, Noah delves into a combination of everyday personal observations and keen-eyed social and political commentary of the type that you’d expect from somebody with a job like his (not to mention a South African born into the apartheid system). Whatever target Noah aims at, he always hits it right on the nose. 

Trevor Noah Background

Long before making his way around the world and becoming the comedic voice of America’s political conscience as Jon Stewart’s successor on ‘The Daily Show,’ Trevor Noah was a household name in his homeland of South Africa. He was born in apartheid-era Johannesburg to an interracial couple, whose union was illegal at that time, and his mother was jailed for it. Experiences like that undoubtedly sharpened the sociopolitical side of Noah’s sensibilities and informed the stand-up style he’d create. He spent the 2000s as a South African comic and TV personality, hosting a sports program and a dating game show and opening for international stand-up stars like Russell Peters and Gabriel Iglesias. Noah had earned his own name in comedy by the time he was contributing to ‘The Daily Show’ in 2014, and when he became the show’s host the following year he was thrust into the American spotlight. He’s flourished there ever since, with stand-up specials like 2015’s ‘Lost in Translation,’ his autobiographical 2016 book, ‘Born a Crime,’ and multiple Emmy nominations. 

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