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Tracy Lawrence (born January 27, 1968) is an American country music known for his Southern-rock tinged country jams, he was born in Atlanta, Texas, in the U.S.

Born in Atlanta, TX, U.S. and raised in Foreman, Arkansas, U.S. Lawrence grew up on a solid diet of traditional country and Southern rock. The singer identified his talents and began performing around the local area’s honky tonk circuit before he’d reached 18. After attending college, the singer packed his things and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. in the hope of finding success. After winning a number of talent shows, which led to a live radio performance Lawrence was noticed by Atlantic Records and signed with them in 1991.

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Prior to the release of his debut album, Lawrence was shot four times in a failed mugging in which he fought back allowing his girlfriend to escape in the chivalric act of the century. The move did Lawrence’s album “Sticks and Stones” wonders in the south and was released later in 1991 when the singer was able to promote it. The album’s title track hit No. 1 in the U.S. Country Chart and subsequent songs “Runnin’ Behind”, “Today’s Lonely Fool” and “Somebody Paints the Wall” all reached the Top 10.

Lawrence’s stardom was signed, sealed and delivered with his 1993 follow-up album “Alibis” which was a platinum seller and produced hits such as “Can’t Break It to My Heart” and “My Second Home”.

In 1994 he released the single “Renegades, Rebels and Rogues” which he contributed to the film “Maverick”, and his two subsequent albums “I See It Now” in 1994 and “Time Marches On” in 1996 both produced a number of hits, however marked Lawrence’s commercial and personal decline.

After charges related to hitting and threatening his wife, the singer divorced his partner and lay low before of the autobiographical “Lessons Learned” in 2000. Soon after Lawrence parted ways with Atlantic and made a deal with Warner Bros. Music through which he has released the albums “Strong” in 2004, “For the Love” in 2007 and the Christian cross-over “The Rock” in 2009.

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