The Commodores Tour 2021

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The Commodores Tour 2021:The Commodores concert tickets are on sale. You can find the list of The Commodores 2021 tour dates on this site.

The Commodores are one of the most prolific hit makers of the 70s and 80s, and an absolute staple within the funk and soul community. Though the group has been through multiple lineup changes and has adapted their sound with the times, they have never skimped on quality music.

The members of the Commodores met in the late 60s at Tuskegee University in Alabama and initially emerged from two different groups. The band started out as a sextet with Lionel Richie, Thomas McClary, and William King transitioning from the Mystics and Andre Callahan, Michael Gilbert, and Milan Williams coming from the Jays. James Ingram was the band’s original singer; however, he was several years older than most of the other members and left the band to serve in the Vietnam war. Lionel Richie and Clyde Orange filled the vacant spot alternating on vocals.

The band started booking dates around town and even travelled to New York to play the club, Smalls Paradise. The band eventually booked a residency for two weeks at the club and steadily started building a name for themselves outside their hometown.


The band boosted their prominence in New York City and auditioned for an un-known opening spot for a high profile act. The Commodores past the audition and got the position opening up for the Jackson 5. The group’s performances were met with overwhelming enthusiasm and eventually caught the attention of the renowned soul label Motown. They secured a deal with Motown and released their first single “Machine Gun”, which reached #7 on the R&B charts and #22 on the pop charts. The song has gone on to be featured in countless sporting events and has been incorporated in the movies “Boogie Nights” and “Looking for Mr. Goodbar”. It was even sampled on the Beastie Boys’ classic album “Paul’s Boutique”. The band followed up this hit with yet another instrumental track called “Cebu”. “Cebu” was a soul-oriented smooth jam that was a key song in the pioneering of the Quiet Storm genre.

After the release of “Machine Gun” the band put out three albums within a two year time span. “Caught in the Act” and “Movin’ On” came out in 1975 while “Hot on the Tracks” was released in 1976. The latter album climbed to No. 12 on the US charts and went all the way to No.1 on the US R&B charts. The group made a slight departure from their hard driving funk sound and delved into slow downed ballads and soft jams (this is particularly evident in the country roots ballad “Easy”); however, the Commodores returned strongly to form with their breakthrough single “Brick House”. The single was based on an off the cuff bass riff from Ronald LaPread and lyrics penned by William King’s wife. It became a disco sensation and went to No. 5 on the US charts and to No. 32 on the UK pop charts. The band managed to top this with the release of “Three Times a Lady” and the 1979 ballad “Still”, both which peaked to No. 1 on the US charts. The band continued to keep their stride in the 80s and in 1981 released the No. 4 hit “Oh No” and the No. 8 dance track “Lady (You Brin Me Up)”.

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