Russ Tour 2020

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Russ Tour 2020:Multi-Platinum rapper Russ is hitting the road in support of his sophomore studio album Zoo, which he’ll perform live at venues all across North America — including the hit singles “The Flute Song” and “Missin You Crazy!”  Born in New Jersey but raised in the South, Russ brings a diverse set of experiences and influences to his genre-blending hip hop sound.  It’s put him on the threshold of superstardom, which means this is your chance to see him live in concert before he really blows up!

Russ is one of the hottest young rappers in the game right now, and he’s got plenty of amazing concerts scheduled across the continent in 2020.  Just check out the Russ Tour schedule below to learn more about seating options at upcoming shows, and score your tickets now.  It’s the only way you’ll see this phenomenal young talent live and in concert! 

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I went to a Russ concert back in July of 2017 and I can tell you what, I was VERY disappointed. My friend and I chose to get to the venue around 3:00pm so we could be close to the front of the pit, when we arrived there weren’t maybe but 50-100 people there so we were content with sitting outside and waiting until 7:00pm for the concert to start. Disclaimer, Russ will NOT start his concert when it says he will, we got inside at 7:00 and we were checking his twitter and seeing if he was tweeting when he would come out on stage. Russ tweeted that he would not come out until everyone had entered the venue. Our venue was completely sold out and it held 2,200 people. We waited a whole 2 more hours onto of the 4 we already waited. Russ finally came out around 9:00pm and started preforming and he was very much like how he is on recordings so I was impressed. Since we had been sitting out in the summer heat all day long, all of the people in the mosh pit started yelling for water, out of the kindness of his heart he brought out 4 packages of bottled water and threw them out to the crowd. Very thankful for that because I did end up getting a bottle of water. Following up with the next song, once the chorus came around all of the people with water started throwing it up in the air making the water get all over the stage. Russ stopped mid song and scolded us and cussed us out and called us disrespectful and said we were horrible people and he specifically said “Don’t waste my f***ing time” he left the stage, we were all confused as to what happened and people started leaving. After waiting 6 hours to see this man and paying $60 to watch this concert, he left after not even 10 minutes of preforming. 30 minutes had passed and he finally came back on stage and continued with his show, finishing his set around 10:20ish so his set list wasn’t even worth watching, yeah he was a great preforming but in-between every song that he sang, he scolded us and he gave us life stories rather than performing.

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