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Nickelback Tour 2020 : Nickelback, formed in 1996 by Chad Kroeger, is an Canadian mainstream post-grunge rock band hailing from Hanna, Alberta, in Canada.

Before forming Nickelback, frontman Chad Kroeger had performed and developed his songwriting and guitar playing in cover bands across the small town of Hanna in Alberta, Canada. Fed up of the small town life and playing other people’s songs, with money borrowed from his stepfather, the musician moved to Vancouver and recorded hit first set of original material.

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Before long bass-playing brother Mike Kroeger added to his talents to the band along with guitarist friend Ryan Peake and drummer Ryan Vikedal. The name Nickelback refers to Mike Kroeger’s time spent working at Starbucks where the bass player would tell his customers “Here’s your nickel back” when handing over change.

Across the nineties Nickelback released the two albums, the “Hesher” EP and the full-length “Curb” to limited commercial and critical appeal. However the release of “The State” in January 2000 highlighted the band’s intentions for mainstream success, aided by the Canadian radio stations content requirements, leading many local stations seeking out local Canadian artists. Following the album Nickelback toured relentlessly, performing over 200 shows.

With major label backing the band’s subsequent release “Silver Side Up” was a raving success, debuting at No. 2, in large due to the success of the No.1 single “How You Remind Me”. The early part of the 2000s was a period of smooth sailing for the band. In 2002 Chad Kroeger contributed the single “Hero” alongside Josey Scott of Saliva, to the soundtrack to “Spider-Man, followed by Nickelback’s next full-length “The Long Road” released in 2003. The album reached No. 6 in the chart and was led by the No. 7 hit single “Someday”. Whilst proving popular, the band came under heavy criticism for the similarity of a number of their songs.

In 2005 the band released their fifth studio album “All the Right Reasons” to much the same multi-platinum sales and Modern Rock hits including the No. 2 “Photograph”, “Savin’ Me” and “Rockstar”. The album proved to be the band’s most popular and was followed by the albums “Dark Horse” in 2008 and “Here and Now” in 2011, which was led by the singles “Bottoms Up” and “When We Stand Together”.

After issuing a their first compilation “The Best of Nickelback, Vol. 1”, their last release on Roadrunner Records, the band released their eighth studio album “No Fixed Address” featuring the radio-friendly “What Are You Waiting For?” and the politically-edged “Edge of a Revolution” in 2014.

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