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Nelly Tour 2020 Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. (born 2 November 1974), better known as Nelly, is a Grammy award winning rapper, songwriter and multi-platinum recording artist from St. Louis Missouri, USA.

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Originally born in Austin, Texas, Nelly moved to Missouri as a result of his parents’ separation at the age of 7. It was there that he found initial musical success, with the formation of the hip-hop group “St. Lunatics” with his high school friends in 1993.

After achieving moderate local interest with their song “Gimme What U Got” it became apparent to Nelly and the rest of the group, that he was the star of the group, and they encouraged him to push forward with his solo career.

He was finally signed by Universal, despite concerns about his geographical background not being commercially viable, as the majority of well-liked rappers hailed from New York or California at the time.

However Nelly’s debut release Country Grammar in 2000, was fairly successful, with the title track’s popularity helping pull the album to the top of various charts in the US. The album established Nelly’s personal pop-rap style, matched with his southern drawl that made him distinctive in the genre at the time.

Two years later, Nelly released his second full-length album, “Nellyville”, which took the rapper to superstardom. Tracks such as the catchy “Hot In Here” and R&B collaboration jam “Dilemna” with Destiny Child’s Kelly Rowland, established Nelly at the top of the charts around the globe, with the album certified as six times platinum and ranked as the fourth best selling rap album of all time.

Suddenly, Nelly and his trademark plaster were everywhere. His third LP, a “dual” album called Sweat, Suit, was a half Rap, half R&B album, Both albums were released simultaneously in 2004, with the latter featuring the hit single “Over and Over” a surprise joint track with country singer Tim McGraw. The album was yet another commercial triumph for the rapper, cementing his place as one of the true icons of the 2000’s.

Alongside his musical career, Nelly became known for his business acumen, during a time when rappers could seemingly release anything! Nelly’s ventures included, collaboration with Nike for a limited edition sneaker, his own brand of energy drink “Pimp Juice” and a women’s clothing range called “Apple Bottoms.” He also made a name for himself in the acting industry, starring in comedy sports movie “The Longest Yard” with comedians Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.

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