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Morrissey Tour 2020: Steven Patrick Morrissey is an English singer/songwriter from Lancashire, England who is famed for fronting the iconic alternative rock band The Smiths.

Morrisey’s first links to music can be found in the late 70’s, when he discovered an adoration for post punk and fronted a band called The Nosebleeds. After moving between bands and line ups whilst writing early tracks including ‘Peppermint Heaven’ and ‘I Get Nervous’, he took a short break from music to pursue writing on popular culture and published three books. In 1982, Morrisey met guitarist Johnny Marr and described their relationship incredibly positively: “We got on absolutely famously. We were very similar in drive.”

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The band soon signed to independent label Rough Trade Records and released an early single that was pushed heavily by John Peel. Thanks to constant support from the radio DJ and moderate chart success, The Smiths found themselves a loyal fan base from the offset. The successes simply snowballed, the band worked together as a concise artistic unit and Morrisey was praised for his poetic, relatable lyrical abilities which went on to inspire guitar bands such as Oasis and The Stone Roses. Many consider them to be “the most influential British guitar group of the decade”, they spearheaded the Brit pop movement and rejuvenated the guitar music scene of Manchester inspiring bands such as Blur to form after seeing the band perform on the South Bank Show.

However in 1987, the band parted due to a strained relationship between Marr & Morrisey. The latter continued to record as a solo artist and achieved commercial success, three of his albums including his debut topped the UK charts with a whole host of hit singles including ‘Suedehead’, ‘Irish Blood, English Heart’ and ‘Interesting Drug’. Morrisey is known for his radical views on politics and the British monarchy. He fiercely opposes the latter stating that he doesn’t believe that “the royal family speak for England now and I don’t think England needs them”. He is also a serious animal rights activist and a supporter of PETA, claiming in 2014 that there’s”no difference between eating animals and paedophilia. They are both rape, violence, murder.” The songwriter has left a huge legacy to both pop and rock music and in 2014, The Smiths were revealed as a nominee to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

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