Megadeth Tour 2020

Megadeth Tour 2020:Megadeth (formed in the mid-1980s) is a pioneering group of the American thrash metal music genre, hailing from Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Formerly the lead guitarist of highly revered metal band Metallica, frontman and guitarist Dave Mustaine formed Megadeth alongside bassist David Ellefson in 1983. Alongside Anthrax, Metallica and Slayer, Megadeth are credited as being one of the driving forces of thrash metal music over the ’80s and ‘90s, however differ from their peers by dropping some of the progressive rock influences and emphasising the skills and attack of instrumental accompaniments.

In the early years following Mustaine’s prompt removal from Metallica, Megadeth’s line-up was a changing feature of the band. In 1984 with a few performances under their belt Lee Rausch was replaced by the jazz fusion drummer Gar Samuelson and guitarist Chris Poland. The band’s debut album entitled “Killing Is My Business… and Business is Good!” was released through Combat Records in 1985, attracted major label interest and became popular in both underground and mainstream metal circles.


Dave Mustaine is consistently one of the most intriguing rock stars in metal. Whether you agree with him 100% of the time or not… it’s indisputable that his presence is a marvel to behold. One thing’s for certain, from the moment the intro tape stops to the closing notes of “Holy Wars” – a Megadeth show is going to batter you with a high energy, virtuosic, anthem laden roller coster.

Of the many times I’ve been lucky enough to see Megadeth, I’ve never seen them deliver a show as impactful as their 2007 Download Festival appearance. Mustaine & co excel when they have a point to prove, they absolutely wanted to make sure they were the band of the weekend… and breezed through to achieve this.

It’s been a long held desire of mine to see Megadeth in Buenos Aires, Argentina… Dave Mustaine’s favourite place to play. Hearing the South American football crowd like atmosphere on their ‘That One Night’ DVD is infectious and perfectly demonstrates the magnetic connection a Megadeth devotee can have to their rich catalogue. From their pioneering thrash metal, through to their intelligent hard rock music, Megadeth have the ability to pace a show perfectly and you’re in for a treat when you make the very wise decision to buy a ticket.

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