Mary Chapin Carpenter Tour 2020

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Mary Chapin Carpenter Tour 2020 : Hailing from Princeton, New Jersey, US, Mary Chain Carpenter has been offering listeners her sensitive brand of country pop, tinged with coffeehouse folk since the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, finding praise from critics and fans alike.

Carpenter was given her first guitar by her mother, who had picked up the instrument during the 1960s folk explosion, passing down the instrument to allow her daughter’s enthusiasm for music to flourish. Carpenter played music throughout her high school years, but it was a move to Washington D.C., US, that sparked further interest in a music career, having become involved with the city’s folk scene in the mid-‘70s. After travelling round Europe for a year, Carpenter returned to study at Brown University, where she graduated as an American Civilisation major.

Mary Chapin Carpenter Tour 2020

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After graduating, Carpenter became more and more involved with the local folk scene, soon developing her repertoire and teaming up with guitarist John Jennings. The demo tapes landed Carpenter an audition with Columbia Records in 1987, who soon signed the young starlet to their roster. Before long, “Hometown Girl,” her debut album was released. “State of the Heart” followed in 1989, which garnered Carpenter a growing fan base, bolstered by her two Top Ten singles in “Never Had It So Good” and “Quittin’ Time.”

This success was in defiance of country radio stations’ reluctance to play her songs that were often progressive and dealing with feminist subject matters. Yet with “Shooting Straight in the Dark,” this was about to change, and Carpenter broke down barriers that soon led to her breakthrough success in 1992 with “Come on Come On.” Her country-folk found huge popularity this time around, earning her a string of Top Ten hits, as well as the number one “He Thinks He’ll Keep Her,” eventually selling over two million copies of her fourth record.

“Stones In the Road” in 1994 almost equaled this success, whilst her following releases continued to find critical acclaim and high sales figures. In 2004, “Between Here and Gone” featured the addition of pianist Matt Rollings, with Carpenter again changing tact through her festive release, “Come Darkness, Come Light: Twelve Songs of Christmas” in 2008. Always progressing, 2012’s “Ashes and Roses” featured a collection of songs entirely self-written, later pushing boundaries in 2013 when she teamed up with Grammy-winning arranger Vince Mendoza, creating an orchestral albums of songs from her back-catalog.

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