Manchester Orchestra Tour 2019

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Manchester Orchestra is an American indie rock band formed in 2004. The band hails from Atlanta, Georgia and has five studio albums under their belt.

Guitarist and singer-songwriter, Andy Hull, founded the band during his school years. Having begrudgingly attended a small town Christian school throughout his younger years, Hull decided to study at home during his final senior year and it was during this time that he wrote the bands first unreleased album. The name Manchester Orchestra comes from the bands fondness of the music coming from the English city, with bands such as The Smiths and Joy Division, capturing Hull’s imagination.

Manchester Orchestra Tour 2019

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After the release of their first EP in 2005, the band recorded and released their studio debut album in 2008, titled “I Feel Like A Virgin Losing A Child”. The dark and heavy indie tone of the album set the precedent for the Manchester Orchestra we know today. Ever since, the group have gone from strength to strength, with their follow up album (announced on MySpace), “Mean Everything To Nothing”, featuring international hit single “Shake It Out”.

Most recently, following a number of personnel changes the band released their fifth album, “Hope”. This album was an interesting project from Manchester Orchestra, as every track was an acoustic reimagining of the music featured on their previous album, 2013’s “Cope”.

The band has become known for the frequent filming of their exploits on tour and in the studio, something they have done since their early beginnings. The clips have been released in the form of video podcasts, with over 100 podcasts available for fans to download. As well as touring around the world, Manchester Orchestra have also performed on live TV shows, such as “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Some of their songs have been used to soundtrack TV dramas, as well as feature movies such as the Oscar winning “Dallas Buyers Club”.

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