Los Angeles Azules Tour 2020

Los Angeles Azules (formed in the early 1980s) is a romantic Mexican cumbia and onda grupera band, best known for their 1996 album “Inolvidables”, hailing from Mexico City, Mexico.


Comprised of brothers Elías, Jose, and Jorge Mejía Avante, as well as singers Carlos Veises and Guillermo Palafox, the Los Angeles Azules are well known for their onda grupera sensibilities. Originally having its roots in rock, the Azules’ brand of onda grupera is more firmly rooted in playful, party-themed pop, however also lends influences from folk and cumbia. Despite forming in the early ‘80s, the band failed to achieve great success until the release of their 1996 album “Unolvidables”, which proved a smash hit across Latin America. The record earned platinum status in Argentina, where the band also found favour on an extensive supporting tour.

Following the cassette’s release, lead singer Carlos Veises left the group to form his own band, Los Angeles de Charly, taking fellow singer Guillermo Palafox with him. Los Angeles Azules’ first release in five years, 2001’s “20 Éxitos… Historia Musical” introduced the group’s upbeat, dance-worthy style of romantic grupera. A pair of albums were released in 2007 following a notable hiatus, “Grandes Éxitos: Los Angeles Azules” and “Tu Juguete”, which did wonders for the group’s recognition in Mexico and paved the way for their most successful album to date “Lo Major De” in 2013. Proving their last romantically themed grupera album before descending into party-themed pop, 2013’s “Quiero Estrechar Tu Mano” was a smooth, soulful voiced affair.

Los Angeles Azules’ third album of 2013, “Como Te Voy Olvidar”, featured a host of guest contribution from the likes of Saúl Hernández, Kinky, Carla Morrison, and Lila Downs. The record was followed by an impressive string of singles in 2014 including “No Se Metal En Mi Vida”, “Ell Usó Mi Cabeza Como un Revólver”, and “Paso la Vida Pensando”. The single were released ahead of Los Angeles Azules 2014 full-length “Viernes Cultural”, which garnered positive reviews and paved the way for “Iztapalapa Te Quiero” in 2015.

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