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k Flay Tour 2019: K. Excoriate (conceived June 30, 1985) is the stage name of American hip-bounce rapper Kristine Flaherty, known for separating generalizations in the rap classification and hailing from Wilmette, Illinois, U.S.

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Impacted significantly by her guitar-playing father’s less than ideal demise, in 2003 Flaherty selected at Stanford University, which is the place the rapper previously toyed with making rap music. At first an announcement on the shortsighted and misanthropic nature of current rap music, Flaherty composed and recorded the parodic tune “Blingity Blang”, and delighted in it so much she promised to proceed. The rapper thusly spent her first year exploring different avenues regarding her style and recording tracks on her PC, before developing in certainty and playing to live groups of onlookers.

In 2004, while in her lesser year, K. Excoriate issued her presentation mixtape “Rural Rap Queen” on Flayzer Beam Records. The record earned noteworthy neighborhood buzz and the rapper’s ensuing shows were exceedingly populated occasions. With her investigations attracting to a nearby, it would be five years before the rapper discharged any new material with 2009’s “Pureed potatoes” mixtape. By and by discharged on Flayzer Beam, the record was pursued the communitarian EP “Single and Famous” nearby rapper MC Lars.

Injected with electro-pop instrumentation the rapper issued the mixtapes “I Stopped Caring in ’96” in 2011 and “West Ghost” in 2013. That year Flaherty made her significant mark debut on RCA Records with her 2013 EP “Imagine a scenario in which It Is”, which produced the single “Rawks. So as to discharge her first official studio collection, “Life As A Dog”, Flaherty crowdfunded by means of PledgeMusic and discharged the record to givers in June 2014. Outlining at No. 14 on the Billboard Rap Albums diagram and No. 133 on the Billboard 200, the record joins peppy outside the box shake with free beats and well-made sections.

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