Joshua Radin Tour 2021

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Joshua Radin Tour 2021:Joshua Radin concert tickets are on sale. You can find the list of Joshua Radin 2021 tour dates on this site.

Joshua Radin (born 14th June, 1974) is an American singer/songwriter, and actor. Radin began his performing career in 2004 at the age of 30, and in the past years has achieved astronomical success.


Hailing from Shaker Heights, the multi-instrumentalist was brought up in a Jewish family before he moved to study art, predominantly painting and sketching, at Northwestern University. Following his graduation with music solidly positioned as a hobby, Radin took intermittent work as an art teacher, as well as working at galleries to make extra money.

Radin is a self taught guitarist, who picked up the instrument at a surprisingly late time in his life, when he relocated to New York City. After taking a keen interest in playing the instrument, he began to teach himself piano, and compose songs on both instruments. Radin was lucky enough for his debut album Winter to receive much critical acclaim, and he began touring the US and Europe after it’s release.

As well as now having a handful of studio recorded albums under his belt, Radin’s music has appeared on several TV shows, gaining him a multitude of fans. These include the giant shows, Scrubs, and Gray’s Anatomy. With over 75 appearances on film and TV as both an actor and a musician, Radinn’s career is solidified and destined to be a great one. With a new album in the pipeline for 2015, more great music is set to be coming out way.

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