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Josh Rouse Tour 2020:Josh Rouse concert tickets are on sale. You can find the list of Josh Rouse 2020 tour dates on this site.

Through embracing traditional country alongside soul-tinged pop, singer/songwriter Josh Rouse has found critical acclaim with his emotive songs with lyrics of self-reflection and everyday observation.

Born in Nebraska, US, Rouse was frequently on the move throughout his childhood, spending time in other US states including South Dakota, Georgia, California, Utah and Arizona. With tis constant upheaval, Rouse found stability in music as he grew up, becoming a fan of the Smiths and the Cure. It was his uncle that provided Rouse with his first musical education, teaching to play guitar. In his late teens, Rouse was writing his own material, displaying potential that landed him with a recording contract with Rykodisc subsidiary, Slow River.


In 1998, Rouse released his debut album, “Dressed Up Like Nebraska,” which paid tribute to his birthplace, finding critical acclaim with this initial release. Rouse soon was on the road again, travelling to Nashville, US, where he based himself as an artist. A friendship with Kurt Wagner soon developed, with the pair collaborating on the EP, “Chester,” in 1999. Two further solo releases followed with “Home” and then “Under Cold Blue Stars” in 2002.

Rouse teamed up with producer Brad Jones for his fourth release, “1972,” a record that reflected upon the soft rock sounds of his youth, offering a mature album that was wider in its sonic scope. After the breakdown of his marriage in 2005, Rouse recorded the album “Nashville,” a farewell to his adopted home, with the artist moving to Spain shortly after. The record was Rouse’s most poignant release to date, full of personal lyrics that reflected upon his past.

Jones flew out to Spain to meet Rouse, who was living in a small seaside town, with the pair eventually producing 2006’s intimate “Subtitulo.” Several EPs followed before another full-length arrived, which came in the shape of 2007’s “Country Mouse City House.” Rouse’s next effort, 2010’s “El Turista,” captured his relocation to Spain, with some songs also sung in Spanish, although interestingly the album was actually recorded in Nashville.

Rouse continued to incorporate Spanish influences into his music, on display on 2011’s “Josh Rouse & the Long Vacations.” Yet with 2013’s “The Happiness Waltz,” Rouse returned to his earlier country-based sound. Following two years of battling depression, Rouse returned to triumphant form with 2015’s “The Embers of Time,” a light-hearted account of his life in Spain and the experiences this offered.

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