Jaden Smith Tour 2022

Jaden Smith Tour 2022: Jaden Christopher Syre Smith is an American actor, rapper and dancer. He is the son of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, elder brother of singer Willow Smith and younger half-brother of Trey Smith. His breakthrough role was in the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happyness. He has also starred in the remakes of The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Karate Kid.

Jaden Smith Tour 2022

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    Honest truth is that Jaden Smith is an incredible artist but The Novo was terrible. Everyone payed the same price for Floor tickets yet very few were let into “the pit”. Like, tf!? I snuck into the pit with my homie and that was really lucky. There was tons of space in the pit as well which was like an in your face to everyone stuck on the outer rings. They had a bright light behind Jaden that made him a shadow the entire show as well. That was lame. Your best bet is an observatory because the novo is trash. As for Jaden he was incredible. He is definitely a better stage artist the studio artist if you ask me. Willow only preformed 1 song off her album which was a huge let down. Overall, would see Jaden again but never at the novo.

    Jaden Smith live was amazing! The vibes from everyone were out of this world. Everyone chatted as if we knew eachother for years, everybody had eachother’s backs and everybody had an amazing time. There will be mosh pits. Lots of mosh pits (even to songs you wouldn’t typically have a mosh pit to) and they will be insane. If you don’t like mosh pits of any kind, I recommend you get seating or if you want to stand, stay towards the back. But don’t choose to not go at all, it’s the experience of a lifetime.

    He was pretty good, had a lot of great energy and was a great opening act in general. His chemistry with young thug was also good, and added to the energy of his performance. I enjoyed it a lot.

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