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Herbie Hancock Tour 2020 – Herbie Hancock (born 12 April 1940) – aka Herbert Jeffrey Hancock- is a multi-award winning American Jazz pianist, keyboardist and composer from Chicago, US.

Classically trained as a child, Hancock’s extraordinary talent was recognised from age seven and by 11 had performed a Mozart piano concerto with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. With a growing love for jazz music throughout his teenage years and despite not having a jazz tutor, Hancock was able to develop an ear for the genre capturing its recognisable melodies.

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His first break came when trumpeter Donald Byrd enlisted Hancock as a session musician in 1960. After two years of sessioning for Byrd and other artists, he was signed as a solo artist to the prestigious jazz label Blue Note, the home of legends John Coltrane, Art Taylor and Miles Davis. Releasing his debut album “Takin’ Off” in 1962 was met with great success as he put himself on the map as a rising jazz star.

Approached by legend Miles Davis, Hancock spent the next five years playing in the Miles Davis Quintet as they produced some of Davis’ most prolific material including “Nefertiti”, “In a Silent Way” and “Sorcerer”. In the meantime, Hancock’s solo career blossomed as he released pivotal albums “Speak Like a Child”, “Maiden Voyage” and “Empyrean Isles” before making his foray into film score composition.

Following his departure from the quintet, Hancock formed new band The Headhunters fusing jazz and funk whilst incorporating electronic elements through synths and keyboards. Their debut self-titled album released in 1973 became the first jazz album to reach platinum and featured the classic crossover single “Chameleon”.

Not content with only producing music, Hancock went on to composing film scores and in 1986 he was awarded an Oscar for Best Original Soundtrack for the film “Round Midnight”. Throughout his career Herbie Hancock has amassed 14 Grammy Awards amongst a host of notable jazz accolades and touring the world across his many years in the industry has solidified his position as a legendary jazz musician. As an experimental enthusiast and advocate of fusing old and new, Hancock continues to inspire generations of hip-hop and dance artists.

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