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Hamilton Tour: TAMPA – There have been a lot of musicals on key people and moments in US history. But they never discovered the ingenuity and colorful vibration that Lin-Manuel Miranda brings to his brilliant musical “Hamilton”.

Merged the rap, hip-hop, pop and Broadway styles to tell the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers and first secretary of the Treasury, whom most people only know by a face the ticket of $ 10, or for having died in a duel with his rival, Aaron Burr. The public has learned a lot more about him and the country’s first growing difficulties since the musical, based on Ron Chernow’s biography, has been a sensation for four years.

Although she recalls the traditions of musical theater, she reinvents them in the way that almost everything is sung, in the staging and diversity of a cast that celebrates the cultural melting pot of our country. It’s both familiar and incredibly original.

A touring production is almost bursting with life and energy at the Straz Performing Arts Center, which opened its doors this week for a month, almost sold out.

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It’s also a rare tour that does not carefully copy the original. The cast members of Tampa are free to play the roles in their own way, within certain parameters, so that those who have already seen it (as I did in San Francisco about 18 months ago) can appreciate in a new way.

And when you focus on the story and the main characters, it’s also a good idea to step back from time to time to fully appreciate the strength and effectiveness of Thomas Kail’s staging and Andy’s choreography. Blankenbuehler. The show lasts almost three hours, but it seems to be happening in minutes.

There is no real dance program as can be seen in other musicals, but the big ensemble, dressed as modern revolutionary soldiers with Paul Tazewell’s costumes, is in constant motion. Not only do they move chairs when they can tilt them. They do not work when they can kick or jump.

And if you do not want to understand the often fast words, do not do it. The members of the cast sing every word with a clarity that is not hidden by a good orchestra led by Roberto Sinha.

They are led by a committed Joseph Morales, like Hamilton, whom we see for the first time as an ambitious young man who arrives in New York, ready to try his luck to make a living and participate in the war of independence. After being orphaned on a Caribbean island devastated by a hurricane, Hamilton is determined to do so.

From the beginning, we see him as someone who has trouble filtering his thoughts or thinking twice before speaking. His future rival, Burr, advises him to “speak less, smile no more, do not let them know what you are against or why you are.”

This line establishes a one-year conflict that will eventually lead to Hamilton’s death, even as a testimony to urge the public to take a stand on what matters.

Morales is engaged at all times, either by conducting a thrilling rap number, or sharing tender moments with Erin Clemmons (a woman as charming as Eliza Schuyler), or by flirting with Ta’Rea Campbell as Sister Angelica . Eliza.

Accept George Washington’s request to serve him as a right hand, even if he would rather participate in the fight. He is always worried about something else, like making up for lost time.

Clemmons is a wonderfully tender singer “That would be enough”, in which Eliza encourages Alexander to slow down and appreciate what he has already accomplished.

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