Greenday Tour 2022

Greenday Tour 2022 : Green Day is one of the most iconic modern era punk bands. They orginate from the San Francisco Bay area and have been rocking the music world for more than two decades. Their first album, “39/Smooth”, was released in 1990, but it was their third album, “Dookie”, released in 1994, they they truly made a mark. Many believe the success of Green Day comes from the first music video released from the “Dookie” album. The music video was for the song “Longview”.

Greenday Tour 2022

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    Green Day are an American punk rock band from East Bay, California, consisting of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool.

    Formed in 1986, the band released their debut album, ‘39/Smooth’, in 1990, but it was their third album, ‘Dookie’, in 1994, that pushed them into the mainstream, hitting #2 in the Billboard Hot 200. The band have released 12 albums across their career, ‘American Idiot’ in 2004, which gave the band their first #1 record. Their latest album is ‘Revolution Radio’, which arrived in October 2016.

    As one of the biggest pop punk bands in the world, Green Day have headlined festivals and tour all over the world, including across the USA, Europe, the UK, Australia, and more.

    Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer have teamed up for the Hella Mega Tour of the UK, Ireland, Europe and North America in 2020, after a new album ‘Father Of All…’, due in February. Catch them live by checking out the tour dates and concert ticket information here on Stereoboard.

    The roots of Green Day date back to 1986 when 14 year-old school friends Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt formed the group Sweet Children. Sean Hughes joined on bass and Raj Punjabi on drums, both of whom played at the band’s debut concert at Rod’s Hickory Put in Vellejo, California. Bassist Hughes subsequently left before the band signed with Lookout! Records, who released Green Day’s debut EP “1,000 Hours” in 1989. The name was soon changed to Green Day and the band released their debut full-length album “39/Smooth” in April 1990. A pair of EPs followed before the band embarked on their debut nationwide tour in 1990 and European tour in 1992 and 1993.

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