Gramatik Tour 2019

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Gramatik (born 19 October 1984) aka Denis Jasarevic is an electronic musician from Portoroz, Slovenia currently based in New York, US, specialising in hip-hop, glitch, electro and dubstep.

Jasarevic’s love of music began from an early age, from him fixated to the radio to rooting through his sister’s cassette tape collection filled with American jazz, soul and funk. At the age of 13, he found himself glued to the computer as he started making beats from his bedroom and it wasn’t long before he discovered the power of the internet and the endless possibilities of file sharing.

Gramatik Tour 2019

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Developing his skills over the years and the continual use of online sharing enabled Jasarevic to build a strong online presence extending as far as America.

Already with a label and agent on board, when Jasarevic landed in the US in 2008 he was welcomed with open arms as his career was set to take off. Professionally assuming the moniker Gramatik and releasing his debut album “Expedition 44” later that year filled with pure hip-hop beats it remained in Top 100 Chill Out charts for six months. In 2009 he signed with Pretty Lights Music, a label synonymous with the digital freedom philosophy and in 2012 released an EP simply titled “#digitalfreedom” a passionate subject for Gramatik who was able to build career through freedom of file-sharing.

Without specifically boxing himself into one genre, Gramtik has successfully transitioned through crossover as he experiments both with his production and live performances. With nominations for “Best Chill Out Artist” and “Best Chill Out Track” at 2010 and 2012’s Beatport Music Awards and a string of accolades, this musician has come a long way from his humble beginnings in Slovenia. Racking up over 100,000 sales on Beatport and topping charts on HypeMachine has guaranteed Gramatik’s position as a top class producer.

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