Garth Brooks Ohio Dive Bar

Garth Brooks Ohio Dive Bar:The country star made the announcement on Monday (October 14) during his latest episode of his Facebook show, Inside Studio G: A Monday Night Conversation. He let fans know that the fifth stop of the tour will be in The Buckeye State, which he noted was a “No. 1 fan club state.”

The Ohio show’s venue and exact date have yet to be revealed, although those details are expected to be revealed through local country radio stations on Tuesday (October 15).

Brooks’ kicked off his epic “Dive Bar Tour” on July 15 in Chicago, Illinois followed by a show in Bakersfield, California about a month later and a third stop in New Branufels, Texas in September. The fourth stop of his tour was announced toward the end of September and will take place in Sanford, Florida on Wednesday (October 16).

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Garth Brooks has announced that Ohio is the state in which his next “Dive Bar” location will be.

Garth said, “If you know the first part of our career, we spent a lot of time in this state. It was our number-one fan club state. It was always a guaranteed good time for us, Ohio’s kind of where it all began.”

The exact date and location of Garth’s Buckeye State “Dive Bar” show will be announced this afternoon (10/15). Brooks will be onstage barely 24 hours after that announcement is made…playing show Number-4 on the “Dive Bar” Tour – or, in this case, “Dive Barn” Tour – in the Sunshine State.

He said, “We’ll be goin’ down to The Barn in Sanford, Florida…where we’ll be doing the song ‘Dive Barn.’ Can’t wait to get down there and kinda complete the circle.”

The Barn is a honky-tonk mentioned in Garth’s song “The Old Stuff” (from Fresh Horses) is a place he played early in his career.

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