Firefall Tour 2021

Firefall Tour 2021:Firefall concert tickets are on sale. You can find the list of Firefall 2021 tour dates on this site.

Firefall (formed in 1974) is an American, country-inflected rock band who achieved their greatest commercial success with the single “You Are the Woman” in 1976, hailing from Boulder, Colorado, U.S.

Comprised of former Flying Burrito Brothers members Rick Roberts (vocals, guitar) and Michael Clarke (drums), former Spirit member Mark Andes (bass), guitarist Jock Bartley, guitarist/vocalist Larry Burett, and keyboard player David Muse, Firefall’s members largely met on tour with other bands or in Boulder, Colorado, U.S. Following Firefall’s formation in 1974, the group began performing in local clubs and bars, and produced a promotional demo tape in 1975.

A subsequent performance at The Other End in New York led the group to sign with Atlantic Records who issued Firefall’s self-titled debut album in May 1976. Led by the single “Livin’ Ain’t Livin’”, the record earned positive reviews and ultimately earned gold certification. The album’s second single, “You Are the Woman”, became a smash hit single reaching the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10, following which the band toured in support of Fleetwood Mac.


Released in July 1977, the band’s sophomore album “Luna Sea” featured collaborations with Cuban percussionist Joe Lala and future Eagles member Timothy B. Schmit. Rising to No. 27 on the Billboard 200 and aided by the No. 11 single “Just Remember I Love You”, the record was once again followed by non-stop touring. Thanks to their touring with Fleetwood Mac who were at the peak of their success, Firefall also became extremely popular, however tensions had risen between the substance users in the group (Rick, Larry and Michael Clarke) and the non-substance users (Bartley, Andes and Muse).

The band’s third album “Elan” proved their most successful to date earning platinum certification, however following its release Firefall’s popularity began to dwindle. Despite attempts at changing the band’s sound, Firefall burned out, with Bartley forming Firefall Acoustic in 1994 for the album “Messenger”. Under the same moniker the group released the tribute album “Colorado to Liverpool: A Tribute to the Beatles” in 2007, following which Bartley continued to tour as Firefall alongside musicians Steven Weinmeister, Sandy Ficca, Bil Hopkins, and Chris Ball.

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