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Whether you need a new roof for the home or addition that you’re building, a replacement for your old roof, or just a roof repair, our licensed roofers have the training, experience, and skills to do the job right. We’ll work with your existing contractor if you have one, and we’ll schedule our work to make sure that there is as little disruption to your family’s or your employee’s lives as possible. We’ll provide you with an up-front cost estimate for your roof project, and we guarantee that it will be all-inclusive. What we quote you is what you’ll see on the final invoice.


Thrifty Nickel Roofing is qualified to Repair or Replace your Residential Roof.

Leaky roofs are one of the most common problems encountered by homeowners in the North Burbs of Chicago. A leaky roof is a serious nuisance and if left untreated can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your home, from damaged foundations to mold and mildew infestations. It is therefore very important to repair roof leaks as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Unfortunately, locating the source of the leak can be rather difficult. It could be a fissure in flashing, missing or damaged shingles, a crack in the chimney, or any other number of possibilities. Usually the best course of action is to call in an experienced roofing contractor, like Thrifty Nickel of Evanston.

Thrifty Nickel Roofing is a full service roof contractor that will gladly fix your leaking roof. We can quickly locate the source of the leak and have it patched, sealed, or replace damaged or missing shingles. Our experienced team of roofing professionals will work quickly and efficiently to stop the leak and undo any damages your roof has incurred.

We are fully licensed, insured and prepared to serve all your roofing needs. Big, small, skillion or gabled, Thrifty Nickel Roofing can repair it, with a measure of quality that’s unmatched by the competition. Thrifty Nickel Roofing offers free estimates on any job. When you receive a quote from us, you can rest assured that price will be the only you’ll pay and we’ll never tack on any hidden fees or extras mid-job.

If your roof leaks, don’t wait until the problem escalates, call Thrifty Nickel Roofing today!

When you’re looking for roofing contractors in Evanston, you want to make sure that you hire a company that you can count on to do quality work without charging high prices. At Thrifty Nickel Roofing , we believe in providing value to our customers, which means you always get superior service at competitive prices. We stand behind our work 100%!

Thrifty Nickel is a roof contractor who understands the importance of having a safe and secure roof over your head, and when you call us about a roof project, you can have confidence that we’ll provide you with the highest quality service.

When you hire Thrifty Nickel Roofing Contractors to fix your leaky roof, you can leave all of the details to us. We’ll always be current on the zoning laws in your area, we’ll make sure we’re in compliance with your homeowners association guidelines, and we’ll obtain the right building permit if one is needed. We’re experienced in working with all types of roofing material, including tile, natural slate, and asphalt. If part or all of our services will be covered by your home insurance, just give us the preliminary information and then we’ll work with them directly.

When it comes to roofing contractors in Evanston, Thrifty Nickel Roofing stands out as one that consistently provides courteous, professional, quality service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unrivaled, and it shows in the work we do.

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