Die Antwoord Tour 2020

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Die Antwoord Tour 2020 : Die Antwood, formed in 2008, are a South African rap rave trio, hailing from Cape Town. The musicians perform predominantly alternative hip hop music, infused with elements of rave, and their alternative image comes from a counterculture movement called zef.

The trio released their first album $O$ independently without a record label back in 2009, and since it received much attention and critical acclaim, especially due to their music video Enter the Ninja, the band have achieved much international success. The band consists of Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er, and DJ Hi-Tek, and also when the band tour, Vuilgeboost, an additional DJ accompanies and plays alongside the band.

Die Antwoord Tour 2020

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The band’s success encouraged them to form their own record label, which has now been running fruitfully since 2010, and they have released their most recent albums under the label, Zef Records. Ninja, the band’s lead vocalist had been part of the hip hop culture and scene since a young age, and experimented extensively with recording and music production, assisting the group when they made the decision to form their own label.

As well as their own music, they have collaborated with other artists such as Roger Ballen, the photographer who inspired the zef movement, and heavily assisted with the successful Enter The Ninja. The band have toured to arena venues, played intimate venues, and still tour today, performing selections of their music from Pitbull Terrier, all the way back to their earliest work.

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