Daughtry Tour 2020

Daughtry Tour 2020: Chris Daughtry’s run on The Masked Singer might be over, but he’s not done celebrating his runner-up status on the Fox reality karaoke show that wrapped up on Wednesday night (Dec. 18). The singer was so taken by his cover of Sia’s “Alive” from inside the Rottweiler costume that he released a lyric video for the track after the show’s two-hour finale. 

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“I’ve always loved ‘Alive’ by Sia and have always wanted to cover it in some capacity. When I was trying to figure out what song I would do if I ever made it to the finale, I remember saying something about how ‘alive’ I felt when I was in the costume, and it hit me like a bolt of lightning, ‘Alive!’” Daughtry said in a statement. “That’s exactly what I feel. It says it all. That’s the song!’ There was no question. It really summed up my entire experience on the show.”

In an inteview with Billboard before the finale, Daughtry expanded on his love of Sia’s tune and his decision to cover it on the show. “I specifically stayed away from rock. I wanted to find songs that spoke to me and really challenged a different part of my voice. I didn’t want to disguise it and try to sing like a different person, but I wanted to do songs that would not put me in that range that would be too obvious, that higher register,” he said of how he wanted to stretch out on the show. 

“I saved those kinds of songs, like ‘Alive,’ toward the end because at that point, it didn’t matter. I’ve always wanted to do a Sia song. I’ve always been a huge fan of her voice and her songwriting, and that song to me summed up my entire experience because I felt so alive in that costume in such a weird way and so present in a way that I’ve never really been before onstage. No one was looking at me. They’re seeing this… thing, this totem of a character, and they have no idea who’s under it. I felt so free to do whatever the song called for.”

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