Carly Pearce Cma Awards 2019

Carly Pearce Cma Awards 2019: Country music artists Carly Pearce and Lee Brice trade honey-soaked vocals on their new single “I Hope You’re Happy Now.” Carly co-penned “I Hope You’re Happy Now” alongside Luke Combs, Jonathan Singleton, and Randy Montana. Check out the “I Hope You’re Happy Now” lyric video below!

“I am so excited to share such a personal part of my story with one of the best male vocalists in our format,” expressed Carly. “Lee has the kind of gruff yet vulnerable quality to his sound that I envisioned for this duet and am grateful he agreed to join me. This song is raw and real, truly something I think many people around the world will relate to.”

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Carly on this track,” said Lee. “She has such a beautiful and powerful voice and definitely has a huge career ahead of her. Hope everyone loves this song as much as we did recording it!”


“We are having this big, monster open,” Underwood said. “Dolly, Reba and myself kind of have the first song in our open, but there’s a lot of faces that people are just excited to see on the show. A lot of strong, incredible women in country music that I’ve loved forever and just glad I’m going to get to be in the same room with them.”

When Seacrest asked Underwood how many different voices would be performing with her, she joked somewhere between five and 25.

Ahead of her guest hosting stint on Friday’s episode, Underwood visited Good Morning America, where she shared additional details of Wednesday’s ceremony. “I feel like the whole tone of the night is just going to be very heartfelt and sincere,” she said. “Of course we’re going to have fun moments because it’s me and Dolly and Reba, but it’s a tribute to legends — women of country music, the now, current people and we’re looking to the future, too.”

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want it or it’s an honor to be nominated,” Underwood told Pollstar. “I’m competitive and committed to what we do. But you know that award is about so much more than me. It’s about my team, all the people who work so hard with me – from the label to the road people, the musicians, the songwriters, my management, even the fans because it’s their award, too. I see the fans coming to multiple shows, calling the radio stations, trying to find the music.”

“I could say, ‘I’m just doing this for the fans,’ because there’s a lot of truth in that,” she continued. “And I’d rather be the person who doesn’t win, but should. But I look at the things that go into it: performances, album, tour, vocals, the songs. I want to be the person who truly excels at all those things.”

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