Carbon Leaf Tour 2020

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Carbon Leaf Tour 2020:Carbon Leaf concert tickets are on sale. You can find the list of Carbon Leaf 2020 tour dates on this site.

Carbon Leaf (formed in 1992) is an American indie rock band known for their prodigious output and alt-country, Celtic, and folk influences, hailing from Richmond, Virginia, U.S.

Originally comprised of vocalist Barry Privett, guitarists Terry Clark and Carter Gravatt, bass player Jodan Medas, and drummer Scott Milstead, Carbon Leaf was formed at Randolph-Macon college in Virginia. The group honed their skills in the campus’ auditorium and subsequently playing at friends and fellow-students’ house parties, before graduating and moving to Richmond, Virginia. Carbon Lead issued their debut album “Meander” in 1995, featuring the bands’ first penned songs “One Day” and “Country Monkee”. Released on their own label Constant Ivy Music, the record and subsequent live shows earned the group a large, devoted following. The full-length “Shadows in the Banquet Hall” arrived in 1997 led by the singles “Flood”, “Wolftrap and Fireflies”, and “Attica’s Flower Box Window”.


Two years later in 1999 “Ether~Electrified Porch Music” was released on Constant Ivy, by which point the band had sold over a 1000 copies of their first albums. Carbon Leaf’s fourth, “Echo Echo”followed in 2001, after which the group won the first American Music Awards Presents Coca-Cola New Music Award for the album’s single “The Boxer”. As a result the single became a regular feature on radio stations across Virginia, allowing Carbon Leaf’s members to quit their day jobs to focus on music full-time.

With the group gaining momentum, Carbon Lead signed with Vanguard Records in 2004, who issued the band’s major-label debut in July 2004. Led by the single “Life Less Ordinary” which rose to No. 5 on the Adult Album Alternative charts, the record received rave reviews, subsequently spawning the single “What About Everything?”. Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, the band’s sixth album “Love, Loss, Hope, Repeat” appeared in September 2006 and became their first album to chart on the Billboard 200. Showcasing their refined, cohesive and engaging sound, the record made way for their most successful to date, 2009’s “Nothing Rhymes with Woman”. Peaking at No. 136 on the Billboard 200, “Nothing Rhymes with Woman” earned strong reviews and proved to be their last with Vanguard Records.

Returning to release music on their own label, the full-length “How the West was One” arrived in July 2010, followed by the Christmas album “Christmas Child” in November. A pair of albums arrived in 2013, “Ghost Dragon Attacks Castle” and “Constellation Prize”, epitomising Carbon Leaf’s prodigious output.

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