Cage the Elephant Tour 2020

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Cage the Elephant Tour 2020:Cage the Elephant concert tickets are on sale. You can find the list of Cage the Elephant 2020 tour dates on this site.

Cage The Elephant are an alternative rock band from Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA, who formed in 2006. They are known for raucous live shows and eclectic alt. rock that takes influence from classic rock, the blues, funk and indie rock.


There is a crippling irony that comes with lamenting the death of guitar music. The gist of it is that every bunch of hand wringing fools wailing that rock music is dead or dying are comparing todays rock scene with their interpretation of the rock scene of a decade ago.

However, even with all their looking backwards, they aren’t able to see that there have always been people like them complaining that rock and roll music is dead. Just as there are always going to be great rock bands around that the next generation of hand wringing fools will wish they were around to see in their prime.

Cage The Elephant are proof that true rock and roll is in as rude health as it’s ever been. They have everything, the riffs, the songs, the attitude and the out of control live shows that make your average rock band into legends.

Coming on like The Pixies covering the Allman Brothers, the band have taken their uncompromising rock and wrought a gold album out of it (in the form of their self-titled debut), the patronage of the likes of U2, and concerts supporting The Black Keys and the Foo Fighters.

The latter of which led to one of the most memorable gigs of their career. When drummer Jared Champion’s appendix burst before a concert supporting Dave Grohl’s band at the Los Angeles Forum, Grohl himself stepped up and filled in on drums in front of an audience of nearly eighteen thousand.

No band who hasn’t earned their stripes gets an opportunity like that. If it’s good enough for Grohl, it’s good enough for any self-respecting rocker, and their story has only just begun.

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