Break Science Tour 2020

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Break Science Tour 2020:Break Science concert tickets are on sale. You can find the list of Break Science 2020 tour dates on this site.

Break Science are an electronica duo hailing from Brooklyn, New York, United States who formed in 2009. They are one of the most experienced electronic groups on the scene, its members having worked with everyone from The Fugees to Lee “Scratch” Perry before even forming the band.


Made up of Adam Deitch on drums and Borahm Lee on decks, with both of them playing keyboards and producing their records as well, Break Science are an electronica band with far more legitimacy than your average EDM group. No, pressing a space bar and jumping up and down has never been enough for either of these men, for whom both their careers have consisted of making music that can be as intelligent as it is fun. With that in mind, they’ve found the perfect collaborators in each other, and they successfully combine Deitch’s skill with a raucous, hip-hop inspired breakbeat with Lee’s subtle mastery of dub influenced soundscapes to make some of the most creative EDM you’ll ever hear.

Both men met as part of New York City’s constantly fertile underground hip-hop scene and were absolutely taken by each-other’s production style. Both were in the middle of high profile careers at the time, with Lee working as Kanye West’s touring keyboard player and Deitch as a Grammy nominated session drummer for everyone from Justin Timberlake to 50 Cent. However, during their downtime they both started playing in a band together with a few other musicians, but as time went on the chemistry between Lee and Deitch over-ruled the other members of the band and the band was soon made up of the two of them and no-one else.

Since then the band has become one of the most acclaimed names in modern electronica, working with Pretty Lights Music for several different releases, from their officially released debut studio album “Seven Bridges”, to a multitude of free downloads, E.Ps and singles. They are also quite possibly the best live band in EDM, with Deitch’s live drumming complimenting Lee’s keyboard soundscapes as perfectly as it does to his wild scratching and creative samples on the turntable. They’re a band proudly carving out their own space in music both in what they sound like and how they work as a band, and they won’t be coming down from the top of their game any time soon. Highly recommended.

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