Breaking Benjamin Tour 2021

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Breaking Benjamin Tour 2021:Breaking Benjamin concert tickets are on sale. You can find the list of Breaking Benjamin 2021 tour dates on this site.

The American metal rock band, Breaking Benjamin formed back in 1998, and after a short hiatus in 2010, later reformed. The band is fronted by vocalist and lead guitarist Benjamin Burnley, and since their reformation, are seeing continued success.


Breaking Benjamin currently consists of Benjamin Burnley on guitar and lead vocals, Shaun Foist as the drummer, Keith Wallen on guitar and backing vocals, Jasen Rauch as the lead guitarist, and Aaron Bruch on bass and backing vocals. Although the line up of the band has altered considerably over the years, the refreshing alterations of band members appears to have, if anything, strengthened the sound and dynamics of the band. After the band entered their hiatus in 2010, Mark Klepaski and Aaron Fink were dismissed from the band, parting under sour circumstances.

With their earlier albums such as “We Are Not Alone” ranking so high on the charts and producing the single “So Cold” which reached number 2, apprehensions surrounded the idea of rekindling the band, in fear that their talent and drive may have dwindled. Since they reformed however, their career is looking fresh and exciting. With four previous studio albums under their belt, the alternative metal band have an exciting back catalogue to play from, that every single member knows inside out, regardless of their length of time in the band. Anticipation for new material is high, and the talented musicians are sure to create some exciting new material.

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