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Best Coast Tour 2020 – Best Coast are a rock duo hailing from Los Angeles, California, United States who formed in 2009. The band consists of Bethany Consentino on guitar and vocals, and Bobb Bruno on guitar and anything else, and they’ve released two albums since their debut in 2010.

Best Coast’s story begins with a fifteen year old Bethany Consentino and her first attempts at songwriting, inspired by Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Weezer and Blink-182. Her songs attracted some label attention but none of them wanted to do anything with her that she was comfortable with, seemingly set on turning her into some kind of pop princess that just wasn’t her in any way. In 2006, she formed the experimental drone band Pocahunted with her friend Amanda Brown. It was the small scale, cassette recordings that she made with that group that fell into the hands of Bobb Bruno who was a multi-instrumentalist scenester seemingly known by everyone in the L.A music scene.

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Pocahunted were starting to make some serious things happen on the west coast, even opening for Sonic Youth, but Consentino jacked it in to move to New York and start a creative writing degree. Unfortunately, having grown up in California, she found the atmosphere in New York “Stressful, congested and cold”, in her words. She developed a bad case of seasonal affective disorder and by April 2009, she had dropped out and was back in L.A, living with her mum and working a dead end job in a branch of Lush. For most, it would have been rock bottom, but Consentino felt inspired again, and was in a creative purple patch, writing more than she’d ever done.

Consentino got in touch with Bruno and the two of them recorded a string of 7-inch singles together, the first of which, the amazingly titled “Sun Was High (And So Was I)” got them signed to Black Iris, a music and film production agency. The duo kept releasing singles until a collection of them grabbed the attention of popular music blog The Daily Swarm’s owner Adam Shore, who became their manager, and the head of Mexican Summer Records Jeffery Kaye at around the same time. By the time 2009 was drawing to a close they were one of the most hyped bands on the planet, with a cassette tape released in the U.K and the release of their debut E.P “Make You Mine”, only adding fuel to the fire.

“Crazy For You”, the band’s debut album, was released in July 2010 after being recorded from January until April of the same year. It was an astonishing hit, coming as it did from a band that was just over a year old and from Black Iris, a record label that wasn’t really a record label. It sold 10’000 copies in its first week on sale, charting in the top forty of the Billboard 200 and ever since then the band have been one of the most beloved in indie rock. Their second album, 2012’s “The Only Place” did even better on the charts, 2013 saw them play shows supporting Green Day, 2014 saw them touring with the Pixies and they’ve headlined legendary venues all over the world, taking in London’s Shepherds Bush Empire, L.A’s El Rey Theatre and Washington D.C’s 9.30 Club to name a few.

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