Baron Rojo Tour 2020-2021

Baron Rojo Tour 2020-2021:Barón Rojo concert tickets are on sale. You can find the list of Barón Rojo tour dates here.

Barón Rojo are a Spanish heavy metal band, who reached international success in the 1980s. The band is led by siblings Carlos and Armando de Castro, previously from the band Coz, and it is considered one of the most important representatives of Spanish hard rock bands, along with Obús. “Barón Rojo” in Spanish is “Red Baron”, the name of the band is an homage to Manfred vo


The band released their debut album Larga Vida al Rock and Roll in 1981, and the first single taken from the LP was Con Botas Sucias. It achieved moderate success, earning them several coverage from the media after winning a gold record selling certification. To promote the album, Barón Rojo made a tour around Spain. This first album heavily influenced the Spanish rock band Héroes del Silencio.

They moved to London for the recording of their second album Volumen Brutal (1982) on the Kingsway studios, owned by Deep Purple’s frontman Ian Gillan. This album was released in two versions: One with the lyrics in Spanish and another sung in English. Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden is credited for helping them with the translation. This led the band to international success specially in England, where they were featured on the cover of music magazine Kerrang!. The album, which included tracks like “Los rockeros van al infierno” (“Rockers Go to Hell”, English version), “Incomunicación” (“Isolation Ward”, English version), “Concierto para ellos” (“Concert for Them”) or “Resistiré” (“Stand Up”, English version) sold two million copies worldwide. It is usually considered one of the very best metal albums ever released in Spain, and their best album.

On 27 August 1982 Barón Rojo played at Reading music festival, along with renowned bands as Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister and Marillion.

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