Bad Religion Tour 2019

Bad Religion Tour 2019: Formed in 1979 in Los Angeles, California, Bad Religion is an American punk rock/progressive rock band. They are most known for their lyrics that often relate to social and political commentary.

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High school mates, Greg Graffin, Jay Bentley, Jay Ziskrout, and Brett Gurewitz first formed the band in 1979. After a series of local shows the band began recording their first full-length album, “How Could Hell Be Any Worse?” in 1982 under the newly formed label, Epitaph Records (owned and run by Gurewitz). The following year the band released “Into the Unknown,” but due to changing personal lives, the band went on to disband temporarily.

Slowly but surely the band reunited, adding on Circle Jerks’ Greg Hetson on second guitar, and by 1988 the band released their third album, “Suffer,” followed by an eponymous tour. Immediately following the tour, the band went straight to the studio to record and release “No Control” in 1989, selling over 60,000 copies and becoming one of the most critically acclaimed punk rock band despite mainstream attention. However, in April 1991 Pete Finestone left Bad Religion to concentrate on his other band, The Fisherman, and was later replaced by Bobby Schayer.

With grunge rock and punk rock gaining mainstream popularity in the early 90s, Bad Religion signed with Atlantic Records and released their seventh album “Recipe For Hate” in 1993. Due to allegedly needing to focus more attention on Epitaph Records, Gurewitz left the band, although popular speculation for his leaving the band was due to accusations of “selling out.” Guitarist Brian Baker then replaced Gurewitz, and the following record in 1994, “Stranger Than Fiction”, became their most successful album and was awarded gold status by 1998.

After a series of tours and record releases, and the loss of Schayer (replaced by Brooks Wackerman), the band returned to Epitaph records in 2001. Consequently, Gurewitz rejoined the band, and the new six piece lineup released “The Process of Belief.” Continuing to put out records and massive amounts of touring, the band took up a few night residencies in 2008 at the House of Blues in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas, followed by a few European festivals. In Spring of 2010 the band celebrated their 30th anniversary by going on a 30 nights, 30 song set tour throughout Southern California and Nevada. Due to various reasons, it wasn’t until 2013 that the band released their sixteenth studio album.

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