Asking Alexandria Tour 2021: York, in itself, might not seem like the most conducive environment for an aggressive metalcore band, but – as bizarre as it sounds – Asking Alexandria were actually originally formed in 2006, in – of all places – Dubai. The band were the brainchild of Bruce, who put together a group of the same name with entirely different members whilst in the United Arab Emirates before realizing that it was hardly the best place to be to launch the kind of band he wanted to be in, and make the sort of music he had in mind. York lent itself well enough to Bruce’s endeavors to allow him and his bandmates to travel to Connersville, Indiana to lay down a debut record, “Stand Up and Scream”, that dropped in September of 2009.

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Asking Alexandria is a seriously hardcore metal band. I love going to metal rock performances because I know the performers are invested in providing a super intense performance. I saw them outside in a huge crowd of super excited people. There must have been 1000 people in the crowd seriously. The speakers were on full blast, and we were all ready to rock hard.

Danny Worsnop is an amazing singer. He started the set saying, “We came here for one reason to make good music,” and we all screamed in response. I love when rockers realize the importance of giving a truly powerful performance. Dan Worsnop is a raw performer who put his entire heart and passion into each note, each yell, each grunt, each growl. I loved the energy of the crowd. Everyone was banging their heads. It was crazy. At one point Danny Worsnop paused in the middle of a song and had the entire audience sing the chorus. The chant of everyone in the crowd was mind blowing, and it was so exciting to see these wild heavy metal fans rocking out.

People started crowd surfing. It was true rocker mayhem. I love Asking Alexandria. The day I saw them was a once in a life time experience that I am not soon to forget. I mean for a week my ears were ringing!

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