Arlo Guthrie Tour 2021

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Arlo Guthrie Tour 2021:Arlo Guthrie concert tickets are on sale. You can find the list of Arlo Guthrie 2021 tour dates on this site.

Arlo Davy Guthrie is an American folk-rock and talking blues singer, instrumentalist, songwriter and even actor from Coney Island, New York.

Born on 10 July 1947 in Brooklyn, New York, Arlo Guthrie came from a musical family, with his composer father, Woody Guthrie, and record producer sister, Nora Guthrie. In 1967 Arlo released his first album entitled “Alice’s Restaurant” which contained an A-side eighteen-minute talking blues song entitled “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree” and a six song B-side. Despite the popularity of the single “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree,” a lampoon about the Vietnam War draft and has been known to become extended to a forty-minute live performance, is rarely included in his set list when he forms live. In 1969 a film with the name “Alice Restaurant” was based on the true story told in the song, but with the addition of a large number of fictional scenes and featured Arlo playing himself.


Continually releasing successful singles, Guthrie made an appearance at the 1969 Woodstock Festival. During the 70s Guthrie toured extensively and released nine albums including a two-record set that he recorded with Pete Seeger, an artist he regularly performed live with. During the 80s Guthrie released another collaboration record with Pete Seeger on top of two other albums. Additionally he made a pilot for a TV variety show called “The Arlo Guthrie Show” in February 1987 which included story telling and musical performances filmed in Austin, Texas that was broadcast in the United States on PBS. On top of recording and performing, Guthrie also maintained a strong stance regarding the politics of America. He was known to express his positions during his live performances, which were consistently anti-war, anti-Nixon, pro-drugs and in favor of making nuclear power illegal especially in the early years of his career.

Throughout the 90s Guthrie continued to tour and make political, film and television appearances. He also released more albums including “This Land Is Your Land: An All American Children’s Folk Classic “ in 1997. In 2005 he released a live album that was recorded in Sydney, Australia and 2009 saw the release of “Tales of ’69.”

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